Storage (Warehousing & Distribution)


Warehouses are used by manufacturers, in commercial shipping import/export, transport business and wholesalers. Our general storage protects the goods from loss, cut down the risks during storage with help of proper facility, help in grading and branding of goods on behalf of owners and proper maintenance of records of each shipment etc.

We help this way to cope up the purchase orders by proper tagging or coding of goods for their identification. Proper documentation of goods and proper choice of vehicles for flawless supply chain management, this makes us different from others as we are recognized as a vital sign for supply chain.

Megastar Movers

MEGASTAR MOVERS L.L.C. was established on 16th of March, 2011.We were newly established though acquired the markets of UAE with in short span of time and we are now one of the leading and renowned packers and movers in Dubai.